Full Cry Group – Superior Debt Collectors

Full Cry Group – Superior Debt Collectors

The world of healthcare is very complex these days.  The Affordable Care Act, EMR, ICD-10(coming October 2015) and a whole host of other issues that you face each day, all while trying to provide the best patient care that you can and keep the lights on.  After all, that’s supposed to be what it is all about, taking care of patients.  But not a complete reality in today’s world.  Your practice is busier than ever trying to keep up with all the demands.  The last thing that you want to worry about is all the patients that show up in your Accounts Receivable.  Maybe they will pay when they come for the next appointment; maybe magically they will pay after your office has sent them 15 statements, just maybe or maybe not.  The uncomfortable reality is that they won’t pay, despite your best efforts and money spent to recover the bill.  Now what to do?

The Full Cry Group headquartered in Winchester, Virginia has the answers.  Just like in the healthcare world, the world of collections is very complex.  There are many laws, regulations and agencies that govern us, both on the federal and state levels.  On the federal level, there are regulations such as the TCPA, FCPA, FCRA and of course HIPAA, and agencies including the CFPB and the FTC.  And in some states, the state laws also govern first party collections, which would include your practice.  Are you familiar with these?  Do you know what the laws are and if they affect you?

The Full Cry Group is experienced in Healthcare collections and follows all federal and state laws.  We keep up to date of all the changes in the laws that govern the collection world and medical collections, so that you can focus on your practice and taking care of patients, not having to worry if the way you are trying to collect past due patient accounts, is following the laws.

We offer a range of collection services and options to fit your needs.

We utilize the most up- date technology available for our industry to maximize the best results for our clients.   The Full Cry Group provides unparalleled customer service and superior results.

Contact us today at (540) 504-0863 EXT 1330 to see how we can help your practice.

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