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Give Jake a call at (540) 327-6098 or ask for a free quote at jakevfitz@gmail.com

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About us

Ebb and Flow has over 15 years of experience in the application of epoxy, paint, stain and other exotic coatings.  After working for other organizations we noticed a lack of honesty, integrity, and value and had decided to go out on our own to bring those qualities and more to our clients, which is why we guarantee every client 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Services

  • Residential and Commercial paint, stain, and epoxy.
    • Epoxy any surface, especially garage flooring and other facilities that require low maintenance, sanitary and easily sanitized flooring.
  • Interior/exterior custom, residential and commerical painting.
  • Interior wood word, exterior decking, fencing, and other wooden surfaces used in building that require staining and/or sealing.