Am I required to buy exclusively from the InPractice Group Purchasing vendors? No. There are no mandates or minimums regarding our purchasing group.  We are confident that we have done a superb job of identifying your personal needs and providing these products/services at extremely competative rates. However, you are not required to buy from any of our partners. If there are items you need that you don’t find to be attratively prices in our program we would like to hear about it so we can continously increase customer value (Contact Us).

How do I make a purchase and realize savings?

Your membership package will contain a list of vendors and their contact information.  Each vendor has assigned particular individuals to work with our members.  Simply call or email them, identify yourself as an InPractice Group Purchasing Member and they will establish your account with the appropriate discount.  Some vendors will list saving on your invoice, other will give you acccess to exclusive pricing as long as you maintain your membership.

How much can I expect to save?

While it is difficult to predict exactly how much you will save annually as a member of InPractice Group Purchasing, we estimate saving for a “typical” individual or family to be about $600 per year.  However, it is very realistic that an individual could save thousands of dollars per year depending upon their needs.

Can I get a supplier added to the Purchasing Group?

We are constantly taking effors to improve the value of our product.  We will always be happy to hear input from our customers.  If there are particular vendors or products that you would like to have added to our offerings please make it known to InPractice Group Purchasing.  If it makes sense for our customer base we will do all we can to add to the already expansive purchasing group.

Does InPractice Group Purchasing get paid by the vendor/partner when our company purchases their products/services?

In some cases we do. Depending on the arrangement we have made with our partner, we may receive a portion of proceeds as outlined in the vendor list.

Is there a minimum?

No, there are no required minimums on spending.  You are free to utilize our services at your discretion.

Can I drop out of the program at anytime?

Yes, however, clients are required to sign up for a 3 month (one quarter) minimum term.  Vendors are permitted to cancel their participation based upon their contractual engagement with InPractice Group Purchasing.  In the event of no payments received, your account will be terminated and accessed a 3 month (one quarter) membership cancellation fee.  Accounts may be paid in quarters.

Am I a Client or a Vendor?

Any doctors office can join the GPO, there are fees that may apply.  As an employee of a office that has joined the GPO, every employee will have the benefits to participate at no additional fee.  Vendors are suppliers or those that wish to sell products and professional services to GPO members.

How do I join?

If you’re a practice or a vendor, click here to join.
The links allow you to inquire, a member of our office will contact you during normal business hours.

How much is it for my company to participate as a vendor?

The cost to participate is free.  We do however access a fee for providing purchasing clients to you for only sales created from our group.  Certain terms and conditions can be arranged.

Is there a feedback mechanism to improve customer satisfaction?

Yes. We will conduct semi-annual satisfaction surveys to keep a pulse on our customer’s needs and concerns.  In addition, we always welcome feedback/suggestions from our customers to improve satisfaction. Expect this opportunity with your newsletter in August 2015.