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Contact Betty May at or simply by calling (419) 993-2900 Extension 150.

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About us

KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care is an expert provider of Medical Revenue Care solutions.  KeyBridge services all types of healthcare providers, including hospitals, physician groups and other medical specialties with 100% of our focus in healthcare.

 KeyBridge offers three distinct services for healthcare facilities/providers:

  • Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management to quickly and effectively generate cash for your business

  • Medical Collections to help recovery bad debt while being your brand ambassador

  • Extended Business Office solutions to gain efficiencies and free your staff to focus on what’s most important – patient care

We strategically implement cash management programs that enhance the revenue cycle while applying patient-friendly communication processes that increase goodwill and recover the maximum amount possible.  Choosing KeyBridge means an improved revenue collection process with a partner who cares about your patients.