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About us

Healthcare providers are awash in data, but they don’t always know how best to use it. Collecting information is the easy part; the real value comes from analyzing and translating data into a clear action plan of measurable results that drives continuous improvement. That’s where the SullivanLuallin Group excels.

SullivanLuallin Group isn’t about “fixing survey scores.” We dig beneath the numbers and become your partners in transforming the patient experience. That means engaging with your team and guiding them – from leadership down through every department – to create and sustain higher quality of care and service for your patients. It also means inspiring your staff and showing them the importance of their individual contributions, so they stay motivated and invested in maintaining an improved level of service and a commitment to outstanding care.

 SullivanLuallin Group helps you tackle your satisfaction and engagement challenges in three phases:

Assess – Dig beneath survey results and take action.
Improve  – Build an extraordinary service culture.
Maintain  – Ensure your entire organization sustains its momentum.