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About us

Total Medical Compliance was founded in North and South Carolina in 1996 by James Chamblee. The goal was to provide quality OSHA compliance support, and to treat our client base in a highly respectful and professional manner. Through the years, the company has grown to provide personalized onsite programs for thousands of dental and medical practices in seven Southeastern states. In 2008, TMC began providing services to health care practices throughout the U.S.  In 2012, we added OSHA compliance for funeral establishments.  Today, we provide OSHA and HIPAA compliance services for thousands of practices with unique requirements throughout the United States and work with a variety of business associates.  And while the size and scope of our company has grown throughout the years, we are still a family-owned business. We understand that the success of our organization is a result of our commitment to respecting our clients — the very foundation our business was built upon over a decade ago.

Customized Compliance Solutions

TMC training seminars and programs position your site to be in compliance with State and Federal regulations, as well as nationally adopted standards of safe care. TMC provides many options for delivery of compliance resources:

  • Onsite assistance for OSHA compliance

  • HIPAA and Infection Control Compliance

  • eCompliance solutions

  • Online employee training and toll-free support

  • Training seminars and webinars to address the changing world of OSHA and HIPAA compliance

Because TMC starts with a basic program that meets required elements for compliance on a topic – OSHA, HIPAA and Infection Control, and provides a choice of options to mix and match, you receive a custom solution designed within your budget. Our goal is to increase your options, while delivering a quality product for your practice.